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Homes for Good

At the core of Tim's belief is a purpose that extends beyond himself. While residential real estate is his business, his true passion lies in serving others. In 2018, Tim founded Homes for Good—a grassroots fundraising movement that leverages the power of real estate to connect people with causes they can support.

Homes for Good is more than just a brand and philanthropic organization; it is a movement that aims to revolutionize the real estate industry by leveraging the unique position and influence of agents to drive positive change. We believe that the impact we create and the stories we tell are far more important than the total dollars raised.

Since its inception, Homes for Good has been instrumental in supporting 21 local nonprofits, raising over $110,000, and reaching more than 25,000 people. By turning residential real estate into a currency for local impact, Homes for Good has gained momentum and emerged as a pivotal force of exponential good in Arizona and beyond.

"To be of service to something bigger than ourselves—that's the vision that drives Me. Imagine a world where the culture of residential real estate is focused on transforming lives, not just transacting for commissions.” Tim

22Local Non-Profits
Raisedover $110,000
And Reachedover 25,000 people
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We’re all driven by different causes and if there is a way for me to partner with and support you in the things that you’re passionate about, that’s something I’m looking forward to.
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